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  • What is the polyurethane? And how is a shoe bottom realized?

    The polyurethane foam is obtained from a chemical reaction between two main components: isocyanates and polyhdric alcohol differently formulated. The polymer obtained from this reaction (which implies the passage from a liquid condition to a solid one) has chemical-physical characteristics completely different from those of the raw materials, thus taking properties that make it suitable for several uses (lining foams, as well as shoe bottoms!!).

    The polyurethane for soles is a gummy material, totally recyclable, created by the reaction between polyhydric alcohol and isocyanate to which an additive is also added giving the final product some features such as suppleness, softness, lightness and strength. The shoe bottom is realised by directly injecting isocyanate and the polyhydric alcohol mixture in the mould having the shoe bottom drawn on the basis, closed by the �tree� of the shoe where the upper , is put, so that the sole formation is made sticking at the upper itself, without using glues or other assembly materials. .

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