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Established in 1975 by brothers David and Renato Mazzocconi, IMAC first started as a workshop specializing in upper stiching on behalf of third parties..

Since early 80’s, IMAC turned from an upper-stiching workshop into a shoe manufacturer, using innovative techniques, such as polyurethane direct injection into soles.

n 1997, the company outsourcing process got started. Today TUNIMA Sarl together with MAEMA Sarl in Tunisia, as well as BULIMA Srlu in Bulgaria, are three important industrial sites employing more than 850 people.

In 2001, IGI Calzature e Tecnologie was acquired and than the well-known children shoe brand PRIMIGI was brought back to its past glory.

In 2002, IMAC launched IGI&CO brand aimed to meet the demands of a specific men and ladies shoe market segment requiring high-quality styles, with fashion research and technologically advanced oriented details.

In 2004, the partnership with the well-known US-based W.L.GORE, the owner of GORE-TEX trademark, also began to manufacture waterproof and breathable shoes.

In 2007 IMAC group business expanded, following to the PRIMIGI STORE one-brand store chain opening, in a new format, for 0 to 14 year-old shoes, apparel and accessories, allowing children to be dressed “head to feet” in one single shop.

On April 2th 2012 Mr. David Mazzocconi died, aged 74, while travelling to our plant in Tunisia at 5 o’clock a.m.

In 2012 IMAC launches the IGI & CO STORE project, one-brand shoe and apparel stores for men and ladies.

In 2012 also ENVAL SOFT brand came to birth for shoes aimed to customers looking for feet comfort and ease above all.

Since 2014
, IMAC was the first shoe company in the Marche Region to get the official status of “Authorized export operator” as well as the “Customs legal residence” and the Authorized bonded warehouse, as a consequence, the AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator).

the Company operating six owned industrial plants (for overall 53,000 covered square meters).

• Montefiore dell’Aso - AP Head office and headquarters
production plant
10.000 squared meters
• Ripatransone - AP Reda Retail Spa administration office and also the company outlet and main warehouse location 11.000 squared meters
• Ellera di Corciano - PG  GI division, the administration center for IGI brand 15.000 squared meters
• Colonnella  - TE Production plant 3.500 squared meters
• Bizerte - Tunima - Tunisia Foreign production plant 10.000 squared meters
• Bulima Eood - Bulgaria Foreign administration office 4.000 squared meters

and four brand:


IMAC large distribution men/ladies/kids
PRIMIGI: Kids retail
IGI & CO: Men/Ladies retail
ENVAL SOFT: Men/Women retail - comfort styles

sold 9.000.000 of shoe pairs and 6.000.000 garment items for a global holding turnover up to 244 million euro.
MAC S.p.A. actually employs 1.484 people (out of 628 in Italy) and can count on 152 satellite companies with 10.179 employees in 8 different nations.
A retail chain with 434 PRIMIGI and IGI & CO STORE shops all over Italy and Europe.
IMAC S.p.A. Group employs 10.179 people in a whole in italy.


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